What’s In Your Hangar?

May 6, 2012

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of this blog, Recovering Carebear, wherein I (Anshu Zephyran, the aforementioned recovering carebear) will be writing about EVE and stuff that happens in it concerning me and my friends on a semi-regular basis.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog like this for a while, but what finally gave me the push were these posts by Rixx Javix and Jester talking about what ships they have handy. I read those posts and I thought, “Hey, I should do that,” and here we are, where I’ll be talking about the ships of my two mains.

3x Punisher – “Daien Aphire,” “Pun I Share,” and “Sapphirine Forget.” Yes, go on, groan at the horrible puns – and get used to it, because there are plenty more coming. I have these fit for PVP and keep meaning to take them out and lose them hilariously, but I haven’t been doing as much frigate combat lately.

2x Anathema – “The Wyld Hunt” and “Shikari.” References to the White Wolf RPG Exalted.

1x Malediction – “Desun Slight.” Fit for PVP but has ended up seeing more use as a pimp shuttle. So it goes.

1x Nemesis – “Bombs Away.” It cloaks and bombs things. That’s pretty much it.

1x Zealot – “Omen Navy Issue.” Pretty standard AHAC fit. I’ve only had opportunity to use it in combat once, sadly, but I’m hoping for more.

1x Omen Navy Issue – “Zealot.” Fit for ratting high- and low-sec sigs and anomalies. I’m thinking of converting it to a backup not-really-AHAC fit.

2x Guardian – “Matari Embrace.” Name inspired by the opening of this video.

1x Drake – “Necessary Evil.” Cookie-cutter Drake bought for fleet ops. Name says it all.

2x Harbinger – “Direct Intervention” and “Zephyran Daskai”. The former is an armor PVP fit, the latter fit for L3s. Neither have seen much use lately.

1x Myrmidon – “Sapphirine Atwyll.” Null ratting ship.

3x Oracle – “Delphinium,” “Fun & Prophet,” and “Guess Who Seer.” Armor tanked tach fits. Will probably be refitting them in the near future for something more useful.

2x Tornado – “Tribe of Force.” Short-range PVP fit; the other is still unassembled.

1x Damnation – “Amarr Pride.” I’ll just let that one sink in. Pure boosting ship.

1x Abaddon – “Zephyran Reign.” L4 missioning boat for when I’m bored and in highsec.

2x Armageddon – “Lastri’s Ort” and “Credit Karrde.” Fit as Budget Nulligeddons, basically. One name is stolen from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and the other gives credit to the character who owned the first. Have you noticed that I like puns?

2x Armageddon Navy Issue – “Zephyran Xenite.” Both are fitted for incursion-running, with some slight differences between the two; I recently bought the latter back after selling it to a corpmate who forgot he had it and have yet to rename it.

1x Apocalypse – “Anvil of Armok.” Pretty much just a POS-bashing battleship, nothing special.

1x Nightmare – “Ishvara.” Another Exalted reference, and also another L4 boat for when I feel fancier than an Abaddon.

1x Orca – “Safehold.” A very peculiar fit (MWD, Inertia Stabs, and agility rigs) from my days as an incursion bear; when an incursion ended, I’d put the Orca (carrying my alt’s Damnation and Guardian) on Autopilot while I manually flew my NavyGeddon to the next incursion area, then manually fly the Orca the rest of the way with the MWD. Mostly collects dust these days, especially with Hulkageddon on in full swing.


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