Mining Overhaul

May 19, 2012

A retriever miningThe existing Mining Barges and Exhumers are kind of problematic. They’re slow, defenseless, and made of tissue paper; and on top of that, one of the T1 barges is completely useless (Procurer), and another is barely worth buying (Covetor) since you might as well just go straight for a Hulk. In light of the announced rebalancing/tiericide thing that CCP is working on, I thought I’d toss some ideas of my own around.


To begin with, the Mining Barge skill is no more. Everything that required Mining Barge X is an industrial ship made by ORE, so it now requires ORE Industrial X instead – whichever you had trained to a higher level becomes your new ORE Industrial level, and the SP from the other are refunded.

Modules, Crystals, Drones, and Structures

Hull Repairers: Hull reppers are shit. Their fitting requirements remain the same, but they now perform as follows (T1 versions):

             Small      Medium     Large
Repair Amt   75         300        750
Cycle Time   4s         8s         10s
Cap Cost     25         100        250
HP/Cap       3          3          3
HP/Sec       18.75      37.5       75
Cap/Sec      6.25       12.5       25

If you do the math, you’ll notice that this is in fact flat-out better performance than comparably-sized armor reppers, but I figure that’s appropriate because by the time you need one of these you’re already in hull.

Mining Beam Extensor (New Module): This active midslot module requires 35 CPU and 1 grid, and boosts mining laser, strip miner, and ice harvester optimal range by 15% (T2 by 20%).

Strip Miners: Having T1 and T2 Strip miners require different amounts of cubage is dumb. They are now universally 50m3. (The exact size is less important than making them all the same size, though.)

Mining Crystals: Similarly, these are ridiculously huge. They are now all 5m3.

Sentry Mining Drones (New Drone): Newly developed by ORE, these drones hover around their mothership, mining asteroids as ordered with a range of 25km. Every 60 seconds, each sentry mining drone deposits 40m3 of ore into the mother ship’s cargo bay, unless the mother ship is further than 2500m away.

Surveyors’ Repository (New Anchorable Structure): One of these small, low hp structures can be anchored and onlined in any asteroid belt or grav site. The Tech 1 version consists primarily of a 55,000m3 ore bay, accessible by members of the owning corp, but when a member of the owning corp targets the Repository and runs a survey scanner on it, it returns results for every asteroid on the same grid. The Tech 2 version adds better resists and also projects a 5km-radius shield bubble, which restricts its use to low- and null-security space. Nothing inside the shields, save the Repository itself, can be targeted from the outside – but ships inside the shields can still target things normally. The shields can be set to allow corp, alliance, blue, and password-based access like a POS.


With the removal of tiers as the primary balancing consideration, the mining barges have been reclassified into the prospecting and tanker ship lines.

The Procurer is the poster child of the prospecting design philosophy. The Procurer’s armament is anemic, carrying only a pair of frigate-sized guns and flight of light drones with which to defend itself; on the other hand, it is comparable to a cruiser in terms of speed, agility, and durability. The Procurer is designed to find valuable pockets of ore, mine them quickly, and move on before drawing hostile attention.

-15% strip miner duration/level; +5% probe scan strength/level
4/3/2 slot layout, 2 turret slots, restricted to 1 strip miner, 25m3/25mbit drones
250 cargo, 1500 ore bay
CPU 200, PG 80
Hull 1173, Armor 899, Shield 1094
Speed 172, Align 7*

[T1 Unrigged Procurer]
Strip Miner I
125mm Railgun I x2
Core Probe Launcher I

10MN Afterburner I
Small Hull Repairer I
Survey Scanner I

Damage Control I
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Hobgoblin I x5

The Retriever is the first of the tanker design lineage, though it retains traces of the Procurer’s speed. Being about as tough as a battlecruiser, the Retriever is the backbone of many mining fleets; with a skilled pilot, it can nearly match the Covetor in mining volume, if not in reach or durability. Mounting 3 cruiser-sized guns and a flight of drones, it’s not quite defenseless, but its firepower is dwarfed by dedicated combat vessels.

-7.5% strip miner duration/level; +5% hull resistances/level
6/5/2 slot layout, 3 turret slots, restricted to 2 strip miners, 50m3/50mbit drones
350 cargo, 3000 ore bay
CPU 380, PG 300
Hull 3516, Armor 2801, Shield 3370
Speed 113, Align 13*

[T1 Unrigged Retriever]
Strip Miner I x2
Dual 150mm Railgun I x3
Small Tractor Beam

10MN Afterburner I
Medium Hull Repairer I
Cap Recharger I
Survey Scanner I
Mining Beam Extensor I

Damage Control I
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Hobgoblin I x5
Mining Drone I x5

Nearly as tough as a battleship, the Covetor is the premier Tech 1 mining vessel in New Eden today. Slow as a brick and packing only marginally more punch than the Retriever, the Covetor is designed to park in the middle of a belt or grav site and mine all that it surveys. Showing the Gallente roots of its creators, it features an extensive drone bay and systems capable of controlling new sentry-type mining drones.

+10% strip miner optimal range/level; +5% hull resistances/level
7/5/2 slot layout, 3 turret slots, restricted to 3 strip miners, 125m3/125mbit drones
450 cargo, 6000 ore bay
CPU 500, PG 670
Hull 5560, Armor 4795, Shield 5213
Speed 85, Align 19*

[T1 Unrigged Covetor]
Strip Miner I x3
200mm Railgun I x3
Small Tractor Beam

Large Hull Repairer I
Cap Recharger I
Survey Scanner I
Mining Beam Extensor I
Sensor Booster I

Damage Control I
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Sentry Mining Drone I x5

Orca and Rorqual
The 500% bonus to survey scanner range is applied as a bonus to all members of the fleet.

The Exhumers skill grants a 60% bonus to Mercoxit Mining Crystal yield multiplier/level and 20% reduced chance of Mercoxit gas cloud forming/level; it also gains the following as a role bonus: -97.5% to Covert Ops Cloak CPU requirement.

The Exhumers skill grants a 5% reduction in Ice Harvester duration/level and a 10% bonus to ore bay capacity/level; it also gains the following as a role bonus: 100% bonus Ice Harvester yield but 25% penalty to ice harvester duration.

The Exhumers skill grants a 5% bonus to strip miner yield/level and a a 10% bonus to ore bay capacity/level.

*Ship stats designed using EVEHQ’s Ship Editor. Align times based on the skills of a starting character.

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