Mining Overhaul, Part II: Terrain and Engagement

May 28, 2012

A retriever miningOne of the most common criticisms of mining is that it’s completely passive and mind-numbingly boring. To an extent, this is true, but many people engage in it as a low-engagement isk-making method or as a sort of zen activity. For that reason, any discussion of how to make mining more engaging must consider the need to preserve the existing mechanics in some form.

Mining content is currently provided in three ways: asteroid belts, gravimetric sites, and mining missions. All of that current content will remain in the game in some form, but new kinds of grav sites and mining missions will be introduced. Asteroid belts will remain unmodified, excepting the addition of new kinds of asteroids in lowsec and nullsec.

General UI Improvements

Locked asteroids will display a “health bar” representing how much ore is in the asteroid, with amount mined showing up as “damage”.

Mining Missions & Grav Sites

New-style mining missions and grav sites will have two major defining characteristics, as I envision them. First, there will be more minable material than you actually need to complete the missions. Second, the asteroids will be in motion. In some missions, there may be NPC structures in the path of asteroid swarms, and your task would be to intelligently mine out the rocks that pose a threat to the NPCs – with “bounties” awarded for every structure that survives the mission.

New Asteroid Types
There will be new ores introduced for lowsec and nullsec belts and grav sites. When mined they duplicate certain electronic warfare effects, at the cost of inflicting shield damage; the idea here is to provide some interesting “terrain features” for fights. The effectiveness of the ewar and the amount of damage taken scale with the number of units mined.

  • Haxite: As veldspar in terms of volume, half yield. Least damage, reduces scan resolution and sig radius. (Effectively, Sensor Damp)
  • Gethrite: As scordite in volume, half yield. Middling damage, disrupts locks within a certain range. (ECM Burst)
  • Galvornium: As omber by volume, half the yield. Most damage, breaks all locks on/from mining ship. (Target Breaker)

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