Terrible Ideas: Rogue Drone Loot

June 7, 2012

I’ve decided to make my rebalancing ideas a semi-regular feature here at Recovering Carebear, self-deprecatingly titled “Terrible Ideas”. I wouldn’t post them if I didn’t think there was something to recommend them, but I’m equally sure that they can all use plenty of improvement – so feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.

Rogue Drone Loot

So, the change that removed Drone Candy and Meta-0 T1 loot drops from the game was undoubtedly a positive thing for the game as a whole – but drone bounties leave a little something to desired, drone faction spawns have never been worth as much as other rat types, and seeing all those empty wrecks in a drone site or mission makes me sad.

Everyday Drones

So, to fix the problem, all drones should drop drone components – the stuff that you currently only get from faction drone spawns, that are used to make the integrated and augmented drones. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of anybody who uses those drones; the consensus among my circle of friends is that they aren’t worth the extra money. On the other hand, glutting the market with Meta 6 and 8 drones probably isn’t a great thing either, so perhaps a set of improved drones somewhere in the Meta 1-4 range should be introduced, which can be produced with components obtained from ordinary drones.

Faction Drones

But wait – if we give advanced drone component drops to regular drones, then what will faction drones drop? Apart from components crucial for the production of Meta 6 and 8 drones, the answer is “faction modules, like every other faction rat spawn”. So far I’ve come up with a few things that I think make sense for drones to use/drop:

Sentient Drone Drone Link Augmentors: This module, used by rogue drones to communicate at longer distances, extends drone control range by 28 km.
Sentient Drone Co-Processor: Because you know what’s a better idea than using rogue drone comms hardware? Plugging their brains into your ship to help run your systems, that’s what.
Sentient Drone Tracking Computer: And letting them run your weapons is even better than that.
Sentient Drone Tracking Enhancer: See above.
Sentient Drone Tracking Speed Script: There can be nothing wrong with letting them think their own thoughts while doing so, either.
Sentient Drone Scan Resolution Script: And what could go wrong with letting them have a say in your targeting? Perhaps this and the Tracking Speed script should take damage every cycle, like faction and T2 laser crystals.

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