Terrible Ideas: Gas Miners, Q-Ships, and Smugglers, Oh My

July 3, 2012

There are a few of ideas that seem to drift in and out of discussions of EVE Online – smuggling, dedicated gas mining ships, and q-ships. Q-ships in particular are problematic, because to make them halfway viable there needs to be some way to disguise what they are. A pair of new modules can cover some of that need, but the best solution lies with another oft-discussed idea, T3 industrial ships.

Smuggler Hold I: Lowslot, limited to one per ship. After all other modifiers, creates non-scannable smuggler hold equal to 17.5% of normal cargo bay, then reduces normal cargo bay by 15%, structure HP by 25%. T2 version smuggler hold is 27.5%, and shrinks cargo bay by 20%, structure HP by 20%.

Scan-Baffling Resonator I: Midslot, limited to one per ship. Grants immunity to T1 ship scanners. Meta scanners have 15% chance to penetrate per meta level; T2 version grants immunity to all ship scanners.

ORE T3 Industrial: Engineer

The introduction of a Tech 3 vessel is perfect for also introducing the role of the q-ship; a completely new T1 or T2 ship class of dedicated q-ships would be trivial to identify with D-scan or on the overview, which defeats the entire point of having q-ships. In contrast, the configurability of T3 vessels makes them perfect for the role, especially when combined with modules to prevent the scanning of hold and fitting – suddenly, you can’t know if the T3 Industrial is a well-armed q-ship, or a hauler, miner, gas harvester, or ship carrier.

The base hull for the Engineer would have a 50 m3 drone bay and 50 mbit bandwidth, as well as a 500 m3 cargo capacity, and the ship skill bonus would be +1 extra Drone controlled per level. The subsystems I propose are laid out below; the bonuses marked with a * do not scale with subsystem skill level.

Offensive Covert Reconfiguration 3/0/0, 2 turrets, can fit CovOps Cloak, 99% reduction in Cloak CPU*
Disguised Armament Specialization 5/0/0, 5 turrets, 15% reduction to medium energy cap use, medium energy reskinned to look like mining laser turrets
Gaseous Intake Accelerator 5/0/0, 5 turrets, 10% reduction to gas harvester duration
Harvest Efficiency Optimizer 5/0/0, 5 turrets, 25% bonus to mining laser yield
Defensive Adaptive Shielding 0/2/0, 5% bonus to shield resistances
Amplification Node 0/2/0, 10% bonus to shield boost amount
Industrial Processor 1/1/0, 5% bonus to Mining Foreman links, 99% reduction in warfare link CPU*
Supplemental Screening 0/2/0, 10% bonus to shield hp
Propulsion Chassis Optimization 0/0/1, 5% bonus to max velocity
Gravitational Capacitor 0/1/0, 15% bonus to warp speed, 15% reduction in cap need for warp
Intercalated Nanofibers 0/0/1, 5% bonus to agility
Interdiction Nullifier 0/0/0, immune to nontargeted warp disruption
Electronics CPU Efficiency Gate 0/3/1, 5% bonus to CPU
Dissolution Sequencer 0/3/1, 15% bonus to sensor strength, 5% bonus to lock range
Emergent Locus Analyzer 1/3/0, 10% bonus to probe scan strength, 20% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams, 99% reduction in probe launcher CPU*
Beam Extensor Configuration 0/4/0, 10% bonus to mining laser and gas harvester optimal
Engineering Gas Containment Matrix 0/1/1, +2k m3 gas hold
Generic Freight Chamber 0/0/2, +2k m3 cargo bay
Harvest Augmentor 1/0/1, 1 turret, +2k m3 ore bay
Ship Maintenance Systems 0/1/1, +25k m3 ship maintenance bay


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