July 3, 2012

Since leaving Ushra’Khan, I’ve decided to return to the life of an incursion bear for a while; I want a fatter wallet and a more versatile set of skills before I head back to null, and incursions have much to recommend over missions or exploration, being more profitable, more engaging, and more social – and it’s decent practice for being in organized fleets.

While I was in fleet today, somebody mentioned having lost a lot of his ships to a GM gatecamp during one of the Sansha Live Events, and I recounted the story of how after one such Live Event, I pulled a handbrake turn in an MWD-fit Orca to grab the loot from the supercarrier wreck and dock up while my aggression timer ran out – still one of the highlights of my EVE experience to date, actually.

But it made me wish that CCP was still doing Sansha Live Events, and not just because the supercarrier kills make my killboard look good. I’ve never done more than dabble occasionally in EVE’s roleplaying scene, but CCP’s stories still hold my interest just as much as the more player-driven chains of events, and the story of incursions has so much potential still to be explored. I hope CCP returns to it soon – or maybe not, because if I’m not already back in null when they do, I might just have to stay to see what they’re up to.


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